Hi!  My name is Jackie Horton.  I am a concerned parent and holistic health advocate genuinely concerned that people do not have the information they need to make truly informed health decisions both for themselves and their families.  My goal is to link you to that information, not generally given in a conventional doctor’s office, so that you may investigate for yourself.

Pro Vita (Latin for “On Behalf of Life”) was started basically because my husband was tired of my alternative/holistic health posts (especially regarding vaccination) in lieu of family updates/pictures  on my FB page.  So in the style of Drudge Report (a news aggregate site), I created this report as a alternative health information aggregate site for all things regarding health info outside the conventional medical “wisdom.”  It is to be used as a source of discussion between you and your personal doctor….and in many cases, a means of even informing your doctor.  Many of the sites link you to studies that are important to read as you make health decisions for yourself and those you love.  I intend on updating headlines (both new and old) everyday.

The site is a work-in-progress so please feel free to give me ideas/opinions or news/health tips you would like to see posted.  Eventually there will be a forum for discussion, a list of archives in case you missed a day or an article, and other updates that will help in navigating.

I may be reached at:  jackiehorton85@gmail.com